Stakeholder Synergy


​Partnership Economy companies are powered by a synergistic flywheel that runs on trust-based partnerships with stakeholders. Stakeholder partners contribute their time, talent, and energy to serving each other for mutual benefit.

When designed well, the flywheel spins at a steady rate, buffering business volatility and throwing off short-term and long-term social and financial value for stakeholders, shapeholders, and society.


Your organization's journey consists of four steps

1. Design the Flywheel Core: Engage Your Customers and Employees

Ignite employee passion for customer success through clarity of purpose and courageously lived values. Align execution, innovation, and risk management systems accordingly

2. Accelerate the Flywheel: Financiers, Partners, & Communities


Power up the flywheel by creating new pathways for other key stakeholders: financiers, strategic partners, and communities to participate in value creation

3. Expand the Flywheel: Include Your Shapeholders


Expand the flywheel outward by engaging your shapeholders—who influence your success—in a strategic way to reduce risk and create favorable conditions for business

4. Build Out a Multi-Flywheel Network


 Connect your company's flywheel with others by  collaborating on cross-industry, cross-sector initiatives that shape the future of business and boost social value creation


  • Aligned purpose, strategy, leadership, culture, and execution capabilities

  • Loyal, long-term customers and partners

  • Inspired and engaged employees

  • Accelerated innovation and growth

  • Reduced current & future risks

  • Positive contributions to society

  • Stronger financial returns over the long-term

  • Greater personal meaning and satisfaction for all stakeholder groups

Consulting Services
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Stakeholder Synergy Audit 

Comprehensive analysis of your organization's current stakeholder strategy and performance outcomes, benchmarked against leading organizations, with recommendations for next steps.

Timeframe: 6-8 weeks

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Stakeholder Synergy Strategy

Design of a 3 to 5-year strategy, with a tailored plan for changes in organizational culture, leadership, and operations. Includes implementation support and success metrics to evaluate progress.

Timeframe: 3-6 months

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Stakeholder Synergy Workshops

Customized workshops geared towards clients who want to jump-start their journey with an intensive learning and working session. Topics include stakeholder strategy, customer journey mapping, distributed leadership, organizing for agility, and values-driven partnership principles.

Timeframe: Half-day to 3-day sessions

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Stakeholder Engagement Facilitation 

Design and facilitation of stakeholder engagements and partnerships, internally across business units, and with external stakeholders and shapeholders to foster collaborative work and mitigate business risk.

Timeframe: Depending on need


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